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Instantly generate impact from your data without the need for expensive software, complicated infrastructure, or a data team!

What is Analytics as a Service?

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Analytics as a Service provides everything to move from raw data trapped in systems and spreadsheets to game-changing insights that will fundamentally alter the way you run your business. 

From identifying valuable data, connecting to it, storing it, modelling it, building analytics, identifying key insights and translating them into actions – AaaS has you covered.

The Datore Way

Why Analytics as a Service?

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Internal team ...
Analytics as a Service ...

How can we support you?

I’m an in-house FM
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy management
  • Space optimisation
  • Automated reporting
I’m a Service Provider
  • Enhanced client reporting
  • Industry pain points resolution
  • New revenue streams
  • Process optimisation
Keep a handle on your existing infrastructure with real-time monitoring of
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy generation
  • Bill ​reconciliation
  • Net Zero goals
  • SECR & ESG reporting
Reduce GHG emissions and save on energy costs with customisable energy management solution
  • Enhanced client reporting
  • Industry pain points resolution
  • New revenue streams
  • Process optimisation
Give your clients what they ask for – data insights!

Turbo-charge your operations with Analytics as a Service designed specifically for consultants.

Analytics experiences built to help you delight existing clients, win more clients & increase revenue from both.

We unleash the power of your data

The journey from raw data to insights has a lot of moving parts. AaaS provides everything you need to move from data trapped in systems and spreadsheets to insights & intelligence that will change the way you operate. 

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