Is your data ready for the challenges of 2024?!

Why hire a data analytics team?

❗ Hiring takes time and money

❗Training and retaining talent is expensive

❗ Complicated and costly to scale

❗ It is not core of your business

When you can get value from your data instantly with Analytics as a Service!

❗ No recruitment headaches

❗No huge upfront costs

❗ No worrying about whether you’re choosing the right tech

And 90-day ROI guarantee!

What is Analytics as a Service?

Game-changing insights to transform your operations. Instantly expose the value in your data without the need for expensive software, complicated infrastructure, or a data team!

Analytics as a Service provides everything to move from raw data trapped in systems and spreadsheets to game-changing insights that will fundamentally alter the way you run your business. 

From identifying valuable data, connecting to it, storing it, modelling it, building analytics, identifying key insights and translating them into actions – AaaS has you covered.

What is AaaS?
What is AaaS?
The Datore Way

Why Analytics as a Service?

Internal team ...
Analytics as a Service ...
Doing nothing ...

Why Datore?

The Datore team

We are the UK’s only Analytics as a Service (AaaS) provider focussing exclusively on the Built Environment. Our founders spent 30 years in YOUR roles. For a low, fixed monthly cost we provide hassle-free access to game-changing insights without the need for infrastructure, software, or a data team.

We know the challenges you face, what makes you tick and… the things that make you scream!


client retention

30 years

of built environment 

20 years

of experience in
data analytics technology


average client savings
per annum

What clients say about us?


Our industry-leading partners and guarantees

We’ve formed some strong partnerships with leaders in the industry to make sure our service is reliable and ahead of the data analytics game!​ We will deliver the insights you need no matter your tool of preference. It’s the end result that matters the most to us and we’re sure, to you too.

AWS Select Technology Partner

AWS Select
Technology Partner

As a certified AWS partner, Datore provides data infrastructure and advanced technological solutions for our clients when required.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner

Sisense Certified
Gold Partner

Datore has partnered with Sisense since its inception. As the UK’s only Sisense Gold Partner, we recognise Sisense’s leading capabilities in the data analytics space.

microsoft partner


Many of our clients work with Microsoft Azure and Power Platform. Our certified experts are available whenever you need them to give you the answers you require.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001
ISM Accreditation

  • Data confidentiality
  • Data integrity
  • Data availability
ISO 9001

ISO 9001
QM Accreditation

  • Consistent quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement
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