Automating HR for a major FM service provider

Admin tasks automation is saving our client valuable resources that can now be focused on core HR responsibilities and strategic initiatives that drive the business forward.

hr process automation
Problem #1

Our client’s HR department was relying on manual entry of data for all day-to-day HR activities/processes. 

HR professionals had to manually process, update, copy & paste all the data into Excel sheets, before eventually creating monthly reports. 

This would take up to 8 days/month of admin time, removing the HR team from their core responsibilities, and leaving all strategic initiatives on the back burner. 

On top of that, manual data entry is, of course, highly prone to human error which can easily lead to: 

Problem #2

Discrete HR processes were managed on separate spreadsheets, owned by different employees and, in many cases, stored locally. 

This lack of a centralised area for HR data was causing problems with accessibility, consistency & communication, especially when the process owner was on holiday/sick leave.  



Impact #1

HR professionals can now spend time on strategic initiatives that drive the business forward, instead of reactive and admin heavy manual tasks. 

Impact #2

Process-automation improved data accuracy and thus reliability of monthly reports and insights derived.   

Impact #3

This evolution in data management is encouraging the HR team to move away from backward-facing KPI monitoring, and towards uncovering and acting upon insights & trends from the data. 


Our client’s HR department is well on their way to becoming truly data-driven, creating real business impact with every strategic decision and action – evidenced by data. 

Next iteration is focused on ensuring that the insights and actions are working in lockstep with the wider corporate strategy. 

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