We’re changing the game for consultants in the Built Environment space.

Our white-labelled analytics subscription is empowering consultants of all sizes to deliver game-changing insights to their customers for a low, fixed monthly cost with minimal set-up and zero maintenance.

Make existing clients stickier, win new contracts, improve service levels, and generate brand-new revenue streams – with CONSULTsmart.

Better access to data

Whilst FM hasn’t always been considered data-driven, those times are changing, fast.

That, coupled with an increase in awareness around the value of data, is leading to end-customers demanding more. Exceed customer expectations with:

better access to data
Benefit #1: A seamless and unified user experience

For you to build a world-class analytics experience for your customers for a low fixed monthly cost. Completely removing the need to worry about software choices, hosting, staying ahead of trends, support or industry best practices.

Value add for your offer

Winning bids, tenders and new contract opportunities.

In a crowded marketplace and with budgets shrinking year on year, the difference between winning and losing a contract is often in the ‘value-add’ part of what you offer.

Our white-labelled AaaS for consultants allows you to bake-in an AI-led interactive analytics experience for all of your customers quickly, easily and affordably – to all new proposals.

Benefit #2: Fast time-to-market

AaaS removes the need to allocate additional resources or spend valuable time building your own customer portal from the ground up. Instead, you can deliver a proven high-quality analytics experience to your end users whilst ensuring they can extract analytical value immediately.

Increased revenues from existing clients

We work with our consulting clients to build a tiered customer-facing analytics experience that utilises the ‘freemium’ to ‘paid’ model.

By building an interactive and visually appealing experience, you’re bringing your customers into your world. Engaged customers are happy customers, and happy customers tend to stick around. Customers can access a limited portal to prove value before being moved to a paid tier to unlock the full interactive experience.

increase revenue
Benefit #3: Increased user engagement = sticky customers

Staying on top of client data

FM data typically either lives in the system that generates it or is spat out into spreadsheets.

Neither are ideal when trying to look for efficiencies, streamline processes, or implement cost-saving strategies.

Datore’s AaaS for consultants brings together those data sources into a centralised analytics platform where either you or our team of data experts comb the combined data sets for game-changing insights – all for a low, fixed, monthly cost.

Benefit #4: More time to improve the core product

By choosing Datore’s white-label solution for consultants, you instantly free up you and your team to spend more time with your customers on the front line, building and cementing valuable relationships, not spending half of your day staring at spreadsheets.

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