Developing benchmarking for Scope 3 emissions within Facilities Management

Benchmarking for Scope 3 emissions gives instant answers to key GHG emissions concerns, which allows you to focus on your sustainability strategy instead of working in Excel spreadsheets.

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Problem #1

How to capture and analyse hundreds or thousands of suppliers to provide comparable benchmarking for scope 3 GHG emissions?

Problem #2

How can advanced analytics enhance an existing consultative services to improve service delivery and customer retention?


We added multiple dimensions to the data set and used existing data to expand on the questions that could be queried.  

Users can now ask:  

Also, we calculated the Scope 3 GHG emissions per £1 spent on each supplier and standardised the services each supplier provided.  

The user can now benchmark suppliers who provide similar products or services and evaluate their emissions.  

Additionally, a data warehouse designed for comparable analytics enables intelligence derived from data to scale and learn with the client.

They can better understand the typical emissions per:

Impact #1

Consultants have instant access to scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in real time.

This enables them toderive insights and make recommendations to their clients on how to lower emissions and hit sustainability targets.

Impact #2

Automating the reporting process saves 2 weeks per month of copy/paste Excel reporting per consultant across their accounts.  

This frees up their specialist resources to focus on sustainability strategies rather than calculating this month’s emissions.


By expanding and standardising meta data sets on suppliers and buildings, we are creating and enhancing comparable measures and benchmarking.  

We continually expand on contributing factors that influence GHG emissions and add these to the data set, freeing up more time for consultants to advise rather than work in spreadsheets. 

Are scope 3 emissions on your radar?

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