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Reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint

with ECOsmartAI, a preconfigured, single-view solution designed especially for Energy Managers and Energy Producers. 

Utilising our Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and energy expertise, we have addressed the most common issues raised by Energy Specialists. Unleash the power from within your existing systems and spreadsheets! 

Energy Efficiency

Identify inefficiencies, predict energy consumption patterns, and develop optimisation strategies with our advanced algorithms and machine learning.

12% reduction in energy costs by a top 5 UK retailer after 1 year with ECOsmartAI.

Top 3 areas for savings:

Proactive notifications and process automation.

No more looking at spreadsheets or dashboards – our people will deliver your energy insights, set up proactive notifications about targets and consumption anomalies, and automate your processes.

GHG Emissions

Monitor your Net Zero targets with real-time emissions data and introduce timely adjustments to stay on track with your carbon-neutral journey! 

ECOsmartAI gathers data from various sources and analyses metrics like energy consumption, production levels, and emission factors. 

Add to this fuel consumption figures, fleet costs, staff transport, and other SECR requirements. All of your energy usage in one place. 

Advanced notifications allow everyone in the organisation to see how you’re progressing against your targets and to adapt their behaviour to support the overall goal.

Quarterly target 82%

Bill Reconciliation

Are your energy bills accurate?

It’s amazing how often energy companies make simple billing errors, that over the life of your agreement, can turn into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We saved one client £500,000 by reconciling their energy agreements against supplier invoices.

Energy prices are skyrocketing. Don’t pay more than is necessary.

Automated Reporting

Hassle-free automated reporting and regulatory compliance

Use existing systems and data to generate internal and external reports at the click of a button, delivered to who needs them, when they need them. 

25% increase in productivity with automated reporting.

Avoid penalties by staying informed with real-time insights. 

Even in a world dominated by dashboards, you will always need consolidated reports. By automatically generating reports with insights, we’re helping our clients become carbon neutral faster. Following complex SECR or ESG reporting guidance can be difficult without specialised tools.

ECOsmartAI will interpret complex regulations, ensuring accurate data collection and benchmarking.


Are you making the most of the green energy that you produce?

We can help you obtain carbon credits for the energy you generate by measuring your energy production.  

3,000 MW of renewable energy has been analysed and managed by our highly skilled team.

Generating and storing green energy is a complex and data-hungry process. We have been working with a number of green energy producers for several years. We understand how complex this is and how important it is to keep track of every single electron.

Investors and shareholders expect detailed analysis and reporting in this complex and relatively new industry. If you’d like to find out more about how we help other green energy producers why not get in touch.

Together, we can drive meaningful change, secure a competitive edge, and build a more sustainable and responsible world for generations to come.

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