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Perfect, you’ve got an amazing foundation. We work hand in hand with your existing team, overlaying our industry and data expertise. We plug the gaps you might currently have in your journey from data to gold. Whether that’s identifying the most valuable data, connecting to data, modelling data, or using our 30 years of industry knowledge to help your analyst understand where the actionable insights are hiding.

This is ideal. Our Microsoft practice can wrap its arms around everything you already have in place and help you squeeze every last drop of value from it.

No, that’s OK if you don’t. 90% of our customers are in the same position. Analytics as a Service was created for you! We provide absolutely everything necessary to move from raw data to actionable insight. That includes real people working with you every step of the way, including uncovering the important insights you need to act upon.

Think of our AaaS solution as something that wraps its arms around any investments you’ve already made with a view to turbocharging them. Already using PowerBI? Perfect, our PowerBI team will come to the party to help you squeeze every bit of potential value from it.

It’s not a problem. In fact, it’s a great starting point! Many of our customers begin their journey with us with data either sitting in source systems or spreadsheets. Our solutions include a database, and our team of data superstars are on hand to demystify the common misconceptions about how technically challenging it has to be (… don’t worry, they do everything for you).

You would be surprised at the number of businesses in this position! You can build incredibly powerful analytics experiences with spreadsheets as a data source. Typically, this is what we would do to get to impact point as quickly as possible and then start work on a plan to move that data into a database (that we provide as part of the service).

No, and if you don’t, then AaaS was built for you! If you’re not a data analyst, why would you understand analytics? Our service not only provides everything you need to turn your data into your most valuable asset but has the added bonus of real people, hunting down the insights that will have an impact on your business and serving them up to you whichever way you’re most comfortable receiving them.

In the old world, yes! If you were to hire a data team and buy the complicated infrastructure and advanced software, then it would be expensive. That’s why it has remained the domain of the enterprise until very recently. Analytics as a Service changes that – for a low fixed monthly cost, you get access to the same technology and data superstars as the big-boys.

You’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting already. Our cloud-based solution loves data that’s already in the cloud. Analytics as a Service will help you maximise the returns on that investment you’ve already made in cloud computing.

Someone needs to fix it, yes. Luckily, we’ve got a team of data superstars that live to clean data, and that all comes as a part of Analytics as a Service with Datore.

Absolutely, yes. In fact, that’s what we do best. Typically, we see that the more data sources you combine, the higher the value of the insights.

Of course, it is! Our advanced security features will allow us to develop specific dashboards that are customer-facing and will only display the information that relates to that customer.

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, we will help you do this, and you can create your own portal specifically for all of your clients. We can also provide this service for you white-labelled on your behalf.


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