Get a full overview of what’s happening within your buildings and streamline your operations.

With FMsmart, a preconfigured, single-view solution designed for Corporate Facilities Managers and FM providers.

Utilising our Analytics as a Service and FM expertise, we have solved the most common challenges encountered by Property Specialists. Unleash the power hidden within your existing systems and spreadsheets!

Space optimisation

How much space are you utilising and how often?

The post-covid workplace reality has made it increasingly important for Facilities Managers to track, monitor, and understand workspace utilisation within their portfolio.

Hybrid work reduces costs, but only if you efficiently optimise your workspace.

There is untold value in your existing systems, but that value goes up exponentially if you implement IoT devices to build a complete and immediate picture of utilisation across the estate.

FMsmart shows you how.

Energy management

Reduce GHG emissions and save on energy costs with a customisable energy management solution.

Keep a handle on your existing infrastructure with real-time monitoring of energy consumption, generation, bills reconciliation, Net Zero goals and SECR & ESG reporting.

12% less energy used by a top 5 UK retailer working with Datore's FM specialists.

Predictive maintenance

A very large portion of mechanical failures are avoidable with condition-based maintenance.

Our team, working with advanced algorithms and machine learning, will identify patterns and create predictive models that will recognise impending equipment failure and let you react on time!

25% costs reduction on average with predictive maintenance.

Proactive notifications and process automation.

Our people will deliver your CBM insights, set up proactive notifications about anything worth your attention and even create automatic tickets and assign tasks to your maintenance team.

Save time and money, focus on what you do best – making your facilities a great place to be!

Automated Reporting

Hassle-free, automated reporting and regulatory compliance.

Stay informed with real-time insights into your compliance. Utilise existing systems and data to generate internal and external reports at the click of a button. Our AaaS provides real-time monitoring, predictive insights, and automated reporting capabilities, empowering facilities managers to:

Save yourself up to 52 days per year! By automating your compliance and reports.

Better resource allocation

Get the right resources to the right place at the right time. 

Track productivity to ensure that you are delivering the best possible quality of service to your internal or external clients.

Existing systems hold powerful information, but they often fail to give you the visibility needed to have the biggest impact.

Change the way insights are delivered and improve resource management across the business with Analytics as a Service.

process automation

Process automation

Automate repetitive and tedious tasks to save time and money, and increase efficiency.

Provide better service to building occupants and ensure that facilities are well-maintained and operate at peak performance.

25% increase in productivity with automated reporting.

Stakeholder/client portal​

Delivering information and insights on the services you provide to your clients or business users is a critical part of Facilities Management. Changing behaviours can save thousands in costs, create a healthier workforce, or build a more sustainable organisation. But that all starts with being able to tell your story, and we help you do just that, WITH DATA!

Datore's FMsmart allows you to meet your stakeholders where they are by building engaging analytics experiences for ALL levels of data maturity.

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