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14th February 2024
10 am GMT - 45 minutes
So what are the 5 ways to fall in love with your FM data?
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  1. Analyse Your Maintenance Data
    Are you even an FM professional if you’ve never stressed over an unexpected asset failure? Expansive repairs, interrupted processes, safety and compliance issues… But what if you could predict the failure before it happens, or better – prevent it?  
  2. Get Granular on your Energy Data
    What if I told you that you could reduce your energy bills and carbon footprint using only data that already exists in your systems and spreadsheets, and without a huge investment in tech and data team? Oh, and with instant results as well...
  3. Health and Wellness Initiatives
    After all, it’s all about people spending time in the facilities you’re responsible for. So… how can you use your building’s data to improve employees’ well-being and productivity? There are a few clever ways to do that
  4. Workspace optimisation
    Let’s be honest. The workplace revolution can be quite overwhelming. Most of us have already said goodbye to the old-fashioned working style. But are our workspaces keeping up with the new reality of hybrid work, flexible hours and ever-evolving trends?
  5. Automate your processes with AI & ML
    AI will take your job… to the next level! Imagine instead of manually filling out those reports, you get them at the click of a button in a captivating visual form, with the key insights highlighted. What would you do with this 1,5h of spare time?
Who is Sophia Lee?

Sophia studied Medical Biochemistry and worked in pharmaceutics managing data flow between systems for clinical trials before transitioning to the built environment where she has worked for the last 12 years.

She has a passion for analytics as well as increasing the profile of women and diversity within the IT and Built Environment.

She regularly presents on the value of analytics and is a guest lecturer at the University of London.

Chairman and committee member of one of London’s Livery company.

Co-founder & Operations Director at Datore.

You can connect with Sophia on LinkedIn

The Datore team

Why Analytics as a Service?

Doing nothing ...
Analytics as a Service ...
Internal team ...

Why Datore?

The Datore team

We are the UK’s only Analytics as a Service (AaaS) provider for the Built Environment. Our founders spent 30 years in YOUR roles. For a low, fixed monthly cost we provide hassle-free access to game-changing insights without the need for infrastructure, software, or a data team.

We know the challenges you face, what makes you tick and… the things that make you scream!


client retention

30 years

of built environment 

20 years

of experience in
data analytics technology


average client savings
per annum

What our happy clients say about us


Our industry-leading partners and guarantees

We’ve formed some strong partnerships with leaders in the industry to make sure our service is reliable and ahead of the data analytics game!​ We will deliver the insights you need no matter your tool of preference. It’s the end result that matters the most to us and we’re sure, to you too.

AWS Select Technology Partner

AWS Select
Technology Partner

As a certified AWS partner, Datore provides data infrastructure and advanced technological solutions for our clients when required.

Sisense Certified Gold Partner

Sisense Certified
Gold Partner

Datore has partnered with Sisense since its inception. As the UK’s only Sisense Gold Partner, we recognise Sisense’s leading capabilities in the data analytics space.

microsoft partner


Many of our clients work with Microsoft Azure and Power Platform. Our certified experts are available whenever you need them to give you the answers you require.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001
ISM Accreditation

  • Data confidentiality
  • Data integrity
  • Data availability
ISO 9001

ISO 9001
QM Accreditation

  • Consistent quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement

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