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the sfmi scope 3 event
The SFMI Scope 3 Event: Driving Sustainability in Facilities Management
Last week, London hosted the highly anticipated Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) Scope 3 meeting, a key event for the ...
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white label analytics as a service for consultants datore
The Power of White Label Analytics for Consultants
Providing clients with actionable insights is no longer a nice-to-have, its crucial for consultants looking to deliver exceptional value. Datore’s ...
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data analytics datore data team power bi
“We Have Power BI and a Super Smart Analyst…”
First, let me be very clear. If you have an analyst and/or Power BI – top work! Your thinking is ...
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scope 3 emissions benchmarking analytics datore sfmi
Datore selected by Acclaro Advisory to provide key analytics for the Scope 3 Emissions SFMI Framework Programme
SFMI’s Framework for Scope 3 Emissions has been designed to empower FM providers, corporate in-house FM teams, and building owners ...
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analytics for fm operations datore
Transform your FM operations one data insight at a time.
Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to invest a fortune to get value from your data or wait months ...
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data analytics built environment fm data datore
5 Hacks to Maximise the Impact of Your FM Data
Your FM data is as diverse as the buildings you manage. Coming from various sources and in increasingly different formats… ...
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customer facing analytics for fm providers datore
Why Customer-Facing Analytics Is the Future for FM Service Providers 
Facilities Management (FM) is wild, it’s changing quicker than I can type this piece. Customer expectations are reaching new heights ...
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the workplace event analytics for facilities management datore
“I’m a facilities manager, data isn’t for me” and other myths we busted during The Workplace Event 2023.
The Workplace Event 2023, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham, from April 25th to 27th, was an experience like no ...
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proactive employee retention recruitment analytics hr datore
Proactive Retention: Your Recruitment Policy for 2024 (I’m talking to you FMSP’s, Hospitality orgs, and FoH outsourcers)
The workforce management landscape has always been a toughie, and it’s getting more challenging by the year, but one thing ...
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analytics vs actionable insights datore
Analytics vs. Actionable Insights: Where’s the real value in your data?
It’s 2024, and we all now know that information reigns supreme, businesses have recognised the undeniable, make or break, potential ...
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nlq natural language query datore
Ask Your Data Questions in Plain English with Natural Language Query
There’s no question about it: the business landscape today is driven by data. And to make the right decisions, you ...
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esg analytics sustainability datore
Empowering ESG Reporting for a Sustainable Future
Have you ever considered the powerful intersection of Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting?  In ...
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