The SFMI Scope 3 Event: Driving Sustainability in Facilities Management

Last week, London hosted the highly anticipated Sustainable Facilities Management Index (SFMI) Scope 3 meeting, a key event for the Facilities Management (FM) sector. 

Industry leaders, sustainability experts, and key stakeholders gathered to discuss advancements, share best practices, and set the agenda for sustainable Facilities Management.  

The event underscored the importance of sustainability in FM and highlighted innovative approaches to industry challenges. 

the sfmi scope 3 event

Highlights of the SFMI Scope 3 Meeting

The Critical Role of Sustainability in FM

The event began with keynote speeches from prominent figures in sustainability and FM, including insights from Acclaro Advisory, the creators of the SFMI.  

They emphasised the critical role of sustainability in FM and the impact of the SFMI framework on driving industry-wide change.  

A panel discussion followed, focusing on carbon footprint reduction, resource efficiency, and integrating sustainable practices into FM operations. 

Improving Sustainability Performance

Attendees participated in an interactive session that provided practical insights for improving sustainability performance.  

This session discussed current initiatives, energy management, waste reduction, and supplier stakeholder engagement, fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

Sustainable FM - Success Stories

A significant portion of the meeting covered case studies and success stories from leading FM providers excelling in sustainability.  

These real-world examples demonstrated the benefits of adopting the SFMI framework, highlighting reductions in energy consumption, waste production, and overall environmental impact.  

Companies shared their innovative strategies and positive outcomes, inspiring others to follow suit. 

The Role of Data Analytics in Sustainable FM

A central theme of the meeting was the role of data and analytics in driving sustainability.  

Experts highlighted how data quantity and diversity was a significant challenge for FM providers as they attempt to measure, monitor, and manage their environmental impact.  

Real-time data, predictive analytics, and comprehensive reporting were identified as key enablers of effective sustainability strategies. 

Datore’s Contribution to the SFMI Initiative

As the UK’s only Analytics as a Service provider, Datore plays a pivotal role in these discussions on data-driven sustainability.  

We discussed our collaboration with the SFMI, emphasising how our advanced analytics platform enhances visibility and management of Scope 3 emissions—indirect emissions occurring throughout an organisation’s value chain. 

Datore’s analytics platform integrates data from various sources, providing a comprehensive view of emissions and enabling real-time monitoring.  

Leveraging predictive analytics, we help organisations forecast future emissions and make informed decisions to achieve their sustainability goals.  

Our tools also simplify the reporting process, aiding FM professionals in meeting regulatory requirements and communicating their efforts to stakeholders. 

The Future of Sustainable FM

The SFMI Scope 3 meeting concluded with a forward-looking session, where participants discussed the future of sustainability in the FM sector.  

There was a strong consensus on the need for continued innovation, collaboration, and adopting advanced technologies to meet growing demands for environmental responsibility.  

The meeting reaffirmed the FM community’s commitment to driving sustainability forward, with the SFMI framework serving as a vital guide. 


The SFMI Scope 3 event in London successfully brought together powerful minds of Facilities Management to advance the sustainability agenda.  

Through insightful discussions, practical workshops, and inspiring success stories, the event highlighted the importance of sustainability in FM and the transformative power of data analytics.  

At Datore, we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, partnering with the SFMI to help organisations achieve their sustainability goals and drive positive change in the industry. 


Graham Perry

Managing Director
Graham has worked within the built environment technology industry for the last 30 years. He is the lead judge for technology in the IWFM impact awards and has been a judge for the i-FM technology awards for the last 7 years.

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