“I’m a facilities manager, data isn’t for me” and other myths we busted during The Workplace Event 2023.

The Workplace Event 2023, taking place at the NEC, Birmingham, from April 25th to 27th, was an experience like no other. The event, focused on employee experience and workplace performance, brought together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals seeking cutting-edge solutions to shape the future of the workplace. 

We couldn’t’ve missed it! As the UK’s first provider of Analytics as a Service (AaaS) for the Built Environment, we went to TWE23 to make it clear to everyone that game-changing insights are no longer the exclusive domain of the biggest enterprises. 

The Datore team

Unsurprisingly, interactions with workplace professionals during the event only confirmed our suspicions, the space is indeed crying out for more affordable access to analytics. From facilities managers to HR professionals, energy managers, security specialists, and consultants. In today’s world, everyone needs access to insights to perform their function to the best of their ability. 

But how can they get these insights without big budgets for an internal data department or if the internal data department is just too stacked to deliver insights to “forgotten function” like FM? 

Fortunately, this is now a problem of the past! And this was our main message during the event.

We’re using our 30 years of experience in the built environment, and a true passion for data to provide a solution that includes the technology and the vast array of people skills needed to turn messy spreadsheets into actionable insights. Insights that optimise processes, save operational time, cut costs, and increase profits. We’re making insights Affordable, Accessible, Actionable, and Secure, we’re making it AaaS, we’re levelling the playing field. 

“The Workplace Event was a valuable experience. It enabled us to reconnect with old industry friends and expand our network with new peers. We’re pleased with the quality of connections we made at our booth and after our presentation, both partners and potential clients. I feel that together we’ll start a new era for the built environment!” said Graham Perry, our fearless Commercial Director.  

Besides networking and catching up with industry trends, the event was an excellent opportunity to learn more about common misconceptions about workplace Intelligence. Let’s be honest; the data revolution is still in its infancy within the built environment, but we’re super excited to be both a catalyst and an accelerant towards a more efficient, data-driven FM world. 

Common myths of the workplace Intelligence

“I’m a facilities manager, data isn’t for me.”

There were facilities managers passing by our booth, telling us that they were not the right people to talk to, and that it’s the IT guys we should reach out to. Most were shocked hearing that facilities managers are actually our biggest customers. We believe that as the decision-makers of their departments, they should be able make those decisions based on data with access to the insights they need, when they need them. 

We’re working directly with facilities managers to help them harness data for space optimisation, energy management, predictive maintenance, automated reporting, better resource allocation and process automation. Of course, we may need to talk with the IT folks, but FM’s are our priority here. FM’s are feeling the pain of spiralling energy bills and underutilised spaces – so it’s FM’s we’re working with.

“There is no way I can get something useful out of our old infrastructure.”

A common concern of professionals we encountered during The Workplace Event was that their existing systems and technologies might be incompatible with modern data analytics. It’s true, we are surrounded by buildings equipped with ageing infrastructure. It’s also quite a challenge to persuade senior decision makers to set aside a budget for projects that challenge the status quo but… 

The truth is that, with the right approach, you can get actionable insights out of the most legacy of legacy systems. We specialise in extracting meaningful insights from complex datasets, regardless of the age or format of the infrastructure. We’re experts at bridging the gap between old and new. We identify where the value is hiding in your data, we collect it, and clean it to make it ready for analysis that delivers you quantifiable results – automated processes and actionable insights.  

“We’re too small, there’s no way we could afford data analytics.”

Sure, in a world BDA (Before Datore AaaS) it would have been only natural to believe data analytics is too expensive to even start with. The infrastructure + people + software would probably start at about £100k for the year – then you need to start thinking about the project delivery time – we’re talking 6 months minimum. All of which adds up to meaningful insights being available to the FM department was purely the domain of large corps. 

Analytics as a Service bridges this gap between SMBs and Enterprises. With an advanced data and analytics technology stack and a full team of data superstars available at fixed monthly cost, we make data analytics affordable and accessible to anyone wanting their data to work harder for them. 

“It’s all too complicated, I don’t have time for that.”

Everyone who lives and breathes the workplace can fully relate to the complexity of tasks and extreme time constraints. In the built environment, no day is the same, and we needs to manage our time very wisely to stay on top of things. That was also a concern of TWE23 attendees who talked to us. They perceived data analytics as a time-consuming and intricate process that would take them away from their core responsibilities. 

With Analytics as a Service, you outsource those headaches to us. We seamlessly handle the complexities behind the scenes and simply deliver the insights that matter, allowing users to focus on their core business, only now, armed with powerful insights. Far from being there to take up your valuable time, Analytics as a Service does the exact opposite – freeing up your time to concentrate on strategic initiatives. 

The new era of the built environment

The Workplace Event 2023 shattered misconceptions about workplace intelligence. Data is not exclusive to IT; it’s essential for all workplace professionals. Actionable analytics are now affordable and accessible, even for smaller organisations, thanks to Datore’s AaaS. We debunked the belief that legacy systems are insurmountable barriers, showing that valuable insights can be extracted. We’ve proven that data analytics doesn’t consume time but liberates it. The event marks a shift towards a data-driven future where everyone can harness data’s power to enhance workplace performance and success.

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Analytics for the built environment - we just levelled the playing field.

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