5 Hacks to Maximise the Impact of Your FM Data

Your FM data is as diverse as the buildings you manage. Coming from various sources and in increasingly different formats… Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of messy data, wondering if there’s a way to make sense of it all?

Ever wondered how you can get maximum impact from the data that is available to you, even if it’s currently trapped in disparate legacy systems and spreadsheets? Regardless of whether you have access to the internal data department, or you’re too busy reacting to daily operations to even think about stuff like data.

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In our latest webinar, “5 Ways to Fall in Love with Your FM Data” I delved into 5 strategies, based on case studies, that deliver guaranteed impact from FM data in the short term and exponential value over time. The link to watch it is at the bottom but here are my key takeaways:

#1 Get Granular on Your Energy Data

With a combination of human and machine intelligence.

Energy data at a site level is no longer useful. Identify inefficiencies and drive sustainability initiatives by analysing energy data by asset type, optimising usage patterns, and implementing energy-efficient practices.

You can transform legacy energy data into actionable insights that reduce energy consumption and optimise asset management.

A single insight that costs a few quid could, and should, save you thousands.


See how you can reduce energy bills and GHG emissions with  ECOsmartAI.

#2 Prioritise Health and Wellness Initiatives

Make proactive retention your new recruitment strategy.

Enhance employee satisfaction and productivity by integrating HR data with workspace analytics to create supportive environments focused on employees’ needs, health, and wellness. You can decrease turnover by even 30% and boost service levels and company culture by analysing your staff data and building a profile of ‘at risk leavers’ that is a base for proactive retention strategy.

#3 Scenario planning

Understand where you are and create an evidence-based strategy.

Use your FM data to get a voice. Use it to prove and disprove hypotheses with a view to building rock-solid, data-backed business cases for change. Change is hard, but it is much easier with a compelling and clear rationale and vision. Being able to articulate the impact of any project is key to its ongoing success. Be sure to build that ability in as early as possible to bring people on your journey.

#4 Optimise Your Workspace

How do temperature, natural light, flexible working spaces, hot desks & air quality impact productivity & well-being?

Optimise workspace layouts, enhancing employee comfort, collaboration, and overall efficiency through detailed space utilisation analysis. You cana improve productivity by even 25% through targeted workspace redesigns and ergonomic enhancements. Monitor how the implemented changes are affecting days in the office, productivity, employee satisfaction (via surveys) and employee churn rates to avoid guesswork and iterate accordingly.


#5 Analyse Your Maintenance Data

Predict the failure before it happens, or better – prevent it!

You can make massive savings in time and money through automated improvements in your work order management and quality-driven dashboards looking at all asset types. You can significantly reduce maintenance costs by implementing predictive maintenance algorithms, that result even in a 20% decrease in downtime and a 15% increase in asset lifespan.

Maximising the value of FM data analytics is essential for professionals seeking operational excellence. By implementing strategic approaches guided by the right methodology, FMs can achieve transformative results, driving efficiency, sustainability, and employee well-being.

Watch our webinar here to see case studies and find out more about the Analytics Impact Methodology.


Sophia Lee

Operations Director
If you want to know more about how our AaaS offering will align with your strategic objectives and move you through the data journey to actionable insights, get in contact now.

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